Suggested Reading

The Emotional You : Postpartum Adjustment
Jane Honikman, Nancy Lee, 1987

La Parte Emotional de Usted : Acostumbrandose al Perido Post Parto
Jane Honikman, Nancy Lee, 1987

Helping a Mother Through Postpartum Depression: For Fathers, Families and Friends
Robert G. Logan, M.D., 1989

Beyond the Blues:A Guide to Understanding and Treating Prenatal and Postpartum Depression
Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D., Pec Indman, Ed.D., MFT, 2003

The Birth of a Mother : How the Motherhood Experience Changes You Forever
Daniel Stern, M.D., Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern, M.D.,
Alison Freeland, 1998

Down Came the Rain : My Journey Through Postpartum Depression
Brooke Shields, 2005

I’m Listening
Jane Honikman

Laughter and Tears : The Emotional Life of New Mothers
Elisabeth Bing, Libby Colman, Ph.D., 1997

Mothering the New Mother : Women’s Feelings and Needs After Childbirth
Sally Placksin. 2000

The New Mother Syndrome
Carol Dix, 1988

Overcoming Postpartum Depression & Anxiety
Linda Sebastian, N.P., 1998

Postpartum Depression and Anxiety: A Self Help Guide For Mothers
Pacific Postpartum Support Society, 1987

The Postpartum Husband : Practical Solutions for Living with Postpartum Depression
Karen Kleiman, MSW, 2000

Postpartum Survival Guide
Ann Dunnewold, Ph.D, Diane G. Sanford, Ph.D 1995

Sleepless Days: One Woman’s Journey Through Postpartum Depression
Susan Kushner Resnick, 2000

This Isn’t What I Expected : Overcoming Postpartum Depression
Karen Kleiman, MSW, Valerie Davis Raskin, M.D., 1994

What Am I Thinking?
Karen Kleiman, MSW, 2005
-An important one for those wanting another baby.

When Words Are Not Enough : The Women’s Prescription for Depression and Anxiety
Valerie Davis Raskin, M.D., 1997
-A helpful book about the pros and cons of medication.

Women’s Moods : What Every Woman Must Know About Hormones, the Brain, and Emotional Health
Deborah Sichel, Jeanne Watson Driscoll, 2000