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Become a Volunteer!

PEP is staffed by trained parent volunteers. We host volunteer orientations throughout the year.  Please sign up to receive more information! 

Volunteer Application


Here are ways you can give back to PEP:

Take a Warmline shift

Our Warmline is a free service that provides postpartum information and support. Each volunteer does one Warmline shift per month. The shifts are 24 hours each and you usually get 0-4 calls in that shift.

Participate in a Baby Basics Class

Classes are held once per month on the first Saturday of the month. The topics are safety, feeding, diapering, behavior, bathing, the baby blues, and postpartum distress. We request that each volunteer participates 1-2 times per year.

Facilitate a New Parent Discussion Group

Two volunteers facilitate the group that meets every Thursday morning for two months before the group breaks off and meets on their own. Facilitation involves arranging the speakers, keeping an updated roster, and starting the discussion each morning with ground rules and other relevant business.

Attend General Volunteer Meetings.

General Meetings are the first Thursday of every month. Here you'll learn about current happenings with PEP, and engage in regular opportunities for learning and community building.

Help with the Annual Fundraiser, Recurring Events, and/or other Special Events

There is normally one large fundraiser that requires your attendance and assistance. We offer many smaller-scale events on a regular basis. You are asked to help spread the word and participate if you can.

Present information about PEP at a Childbirth Class

Childbirth classes are held throughout the community and are usually held in the evenings or weekends. We have a volunteer give a 10-15 minute presentation to educate new parents on PEP’s services. Each volunteer does 1-2 presentations per year.

Call new parents to check in and share PEP services

If a parent requested a call, a volunteer calls them 1-2 weeks after their due date to check on the new family’s health and well-being, and to invite them to New Parent Groups. Each volunteer makes calls about two times per year (about 10 calls total).

We also offer all our services to the Spanish speaking community.

If you are interested in being a PEP Volunteer, please fill out our online Volunteer Application and you will be contacted by one of our PEP Trainers about our next training.