I've Got PEP!

By SBPEP Public Relations on Mar 10, 2020 in Topics
I've Got PEP!

People become a volunteer for many reasons - to give back to a cause they love, to make friends, to help others who are navigating a journey they’ve already started —- But I think the BEST volunteer moments come from the totally unexpected and unfamiliar situations that come from throwing yourself into an organization and seeing where it takes you. 

  • Calling a fighterfighter to talk about TAT and feeling "productive" - only to realize half way through the conversation that they are in their truck, on their way to fight the Thomas Fire.

  • Very un-stealthily sneaking into the front of an auditorium full of succulent enthusiasts in the midst of a lecture to pull boxes and boxes of toy babies from storage... cause set up for baby basics cannot wait.

  • Sorting through bags of donations for the Rummage Sale and celebrating each time we found two shoes that matched and feeling wayyy too victorious when we put together that puzzle meant for 2 year olds. 

  • Feeling so helpful participating in the “Rummage Sale Sorting Party” - when, in reality, looking through adorable baby clothes while sipping wine and playing the “guess what this is” game is actually my idea of a good time. 

Everyone joins PEP for different reasons, so we asked our volunteers why they wanted to become a volunteer and what moment they have enjoyed most about volunteering.  If you are interested in joining PEP, we would love for you to join. We have a volunteer training session coming up this Thursday! This is just in time to hit the ground running with the Baby and Kid Rummage Sale! For more information On becoming a volunteer ---

click here. 

  • I have too much free time. Kidding. PEP SAVED me with the amazing support at groups and I wanted to give back and maybe learn how to be that supermom who does stuff. Fingers crossed! - Sara Avni

  • I was so grateful for PEP as a new mom and wanted to give back and learn more about what they're all about! So far my favorite moment has been presenting at Baby Basics; its always really fun, but one fun memory is when all the parents-to-be watched in awe as a newborn baby got a bath! - Tabitha

  • PEP was my lifesaver as a new mom and I wanted to give back and do that for other new parents. I'm finally feeling confident as a parent, so it feels great to be able to speak to that. My favorite volunteer moment is getting elected to the board! - Kate Keeley

  • PEP has given me so much! A family, a community and support when I've needed it the most. I wanted to give back by volunteering and I also heard PEP needed more volunteers. - Denise Denion

  • I joined to be involved with the SB parent community. I love being kept up to date with all the local parent organizations, events, and opportunities. - Anonymous PEP Parent

  • I became a volunteer because I seriously don't think I would have survived without my PEP mammas. They mean the world to me and to be able to go through it all with other parents who understand and went through the same thing was incredible. Favorite moment, PPO calls, helping moms. - Jess To

  • I became a PEP volunteer because of how valuable the PEP experience was for me as a new mom. Having an incredible group of mom friends and seeing our kids grow up together is really amazing. My favorite volunteer moment was facilitating groups. It was full circle for rme because of the support I got starting out as a new mom and then giving support to new moms. - Julie

  • I became a volunteer to meet new friends with kiddos. My favorite moments were helping prep for the rummage sale and having SO MANY people come up to me at the rummage sale and say “thank you” and talk about how much PEP meant to them. - Anonymous PEP Parent

  • I became a volunteer to meet more moms and expand my friend network. - Selena Sweeny

  • Favorite Moment: Christmas white elephant party got a little crazy. - Laura Levi

  • Because some of my friends were volunteers and were doing the same training. Also, I like to be useful, give back, and be involved in my community. - Anonymous PEP Parent

  • I wanted to support other women the way PEP volunteers supported me when I had my children. - Dominique

  • Became a volunteer because my friends who were volunteers said they needed more. I loved facilitating groups. - Jacquelynn Knightley

  • PEP has been so valuable for me. I've met so many great friends and it was so helpful to have the support early on as a new mother. - Anonymous PEP Parent